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"It is an absolute honor to announce my candidacy for the United States Congress representing Congressional District 3 for Arizona."

With years of life experience under my belt, I am proud to stand before you as someone who deeply values the core principles that have shaped our nation: family, faith, and the fundamental freedoms we all enjoy as Americans. 

These principles are not just words to me, but the very heart and soul of our country. 

If elected, I promise to protect and uphold these values so that they continue to thrive for future generations. 

Together, let's create a brighter future in Arizona, where our families are strong, our faith is cherished, and our freedoms remain a guiding light for all.

Jeff is a father, pastor, and longtime local activist with a strategic vision 

for U.S. Congress (AZ-3)



Our government has overregulated small businesses while giving special handouts, tax breaks, and bailouts to the multibillion dollar corporations and foreign entities. I believe in policies that put the American worker first. We should absolutely be looking into antitrust hearings against potential monopolistic industries and should be proactive in encouraging American-made products and services. I believe in an energy independent energy policy which would drastically reduce gas prices and energy bills while allowing us to replenish our nearly-depleted strategic oil reserve. We should be investing into nuclear energy and hydropower while providing incentives for individuals to obtain their own generators – solar or otherwise.

I believe families should be able to provide for themselves on a single working income without government support – and I will vote for policies that bring us closer to that vision.


I believe in expanding school choice and quality for ALL Americans regardless of income or zip code. No matter what your preference is – private, charter, or public district – you should have excellent options available. Additionally, families should have easy access to the best homeschooling and online schooling opportunities. I was an early advocate for what eventually became 2022’s HB2002, a bill that requires civics to be taught in Arizonan high schools. As your Congressman, I will listen carefully to the community as I make choices that best put the interests of the next generation first.



I will only serve three terms and I am in support of term limits for our federal officials.

"I’m fighting for our families, Working Class Americans, and serious progress.  It’s time to change the status quo!  This campaign is focused on issues that matter to our communities in Phoenix and Glendale. We must support policies that help individuals start and support families, to become energy independent as a nation, to take care of our veterans, and to make infrastructural investments in Arizona. Our Congressmen should have term limits and we ought to ban Congressional stock trading as it profits from everyday Americans. From net neutrality to border security and immigration reform to environmental conservation; I am fighting for you!

It’s time to change the status quo and force real change in DC. I would be honored to earn your support in November 2024."

— Jeff Zink








While recent bipartisan efforts have been successful from Arizonan Representatives Stanton and Schweikert on securing a new hydropower dam for the SRP, I am in favor of negotiating further dams to create new water reservoirs along the Colorado and its tributaries. Additionally, I believe we should be investing into desalination of both oceanwater and brackish groundwater as we seek future-proof water security. I would hold hearings on pipeline opportunities throughout the nation to discover if there are high-potential areas for transportation of water resources from one basin to another. Water is a building block of life itself and we must protect it at all costs.

I am a staunch advocate for preserving and upholding the principles of net neutrality. In today’s digital age, open and equal access to the internet is essential for innovation, free expression, and fair competition. I firmly believe that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not have the power to prioritize or throttle online content based on financial interests, stifling the potential for smaller businesses, marginalized voices, and creative endeavors to thrive. I pledge to support legislation and policies that ensure all individuals can enjoy an open and unrestricted online environment, where information flows freely and opportunities are not hindered by corporate gatekeeping. By safeguarding net neutrality, we can empower a diverse online community that reflects the true spirit of the internet as a free and open platform for all.

I am a strong proponent of nuclear energy as a vital component of our energy future. Just a few years ago we were energy independent – and now we’re not. Nuclear power offers a unique blend of reliable electricity generation and reduced emissions, making it an environmentally responsible choice. By focusing on advanced technologies and stringent safety measures, we can harness the potential of nuclear energy to significantly reduce our environmental footprint without compromising our commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation. Embracing nuclear power also presents an opportunity to minimize air pollution and dependency on other fuels, contributing to diversification of our energy production.

I am dedicated to fostering a responsible approach to nuclear energy production, working towards innovative solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability while striving for a balanced energy portfolio that respects both our environment and our energy needs.

I value the principles of equal rights deeply rooted in our nation’s history. Throughout our journey as a nation, the pursuit of equal rights for all has been a cornerstone of American democracy. From the abolition of slavery to the women’s suffrage movement, we have continually advanced towards a more just and inclusive society. I believe that equal rights should not be seen through the lens of partisan politics but as a shared commitment to upholding the Constitution’s promise of individual liberty and equality under the law.

While we must recognize the progress we’ve made, it’s also important to approach contemporary discussions of equal rights thoughtfully, ensuring that policies preserve our fundamental freedoms and do not infringe upon the principles that have defined our great nation. I am dedicated to fostering a society where every individual is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or beliefs.

I am a staunch advocate for implementing a ban on congressional stock trading. To restore public trust in our elected officials, it is imperative that we prioritize their duty to the American people over corrupt financial gains. The practice of members of Congress engaging in stock trading based on non-public information raises huge concerns about potential conflicts of interest and undermines the integrity of our government. By enacting a comprehensive ban on such trading, we can ensure that lawmakers are focused solely on their responsibilities to their constituents and the well-being of our nation – rather than on personal financial benefits.

This measure is a crucial step towards transparency, accountability, and maintaining the public’s faith in our democratic institutions. I am committed to championing ethical standards that uphold the principles of public service and to protect the integrity of our Republic.

The deployment of police body cameras is an issue that holds promise for partnership with members on both sides of the aisle. These cameras play a crucial role in fostering transparency and accountability in law enforcement interactions. Transparency and accountability are principles that are essential for maintaining the public’s trust in our justice system. I know firsthand the significance of evidence captured by cameras, having seen how it could be used to prevent unjust accusations and protect the innocent.

By supporting the implementation of body cameras, we can deter misconduct, prevent false lawsuits against our dedicated police officers and law-abiding citizens, and ensure that justice is carried out fairly. We ought to commit to safeguarding both civil liberties and the integrity of law enforcement, striking a balance that respects the rights of all individuals while upholding the rule of law.

The surge of deaths from fentanyl has been ever-present in our district. Nearly everybody knows someone who has lost their life or suffered at the hands of the synthetic opioid / fentanyl crisis plaguing our communities. It’s time to have a Congressman who will fight alongside you to stop this deadly pandemic.

The fentanyl crisis demands a multifaceted approach that prioritizes public health, law enforcement collaboration, and community engagement. 

Law enforcement agencies need the necessary resources to target the production and distribution of fentanyl. Enhancing cross-jurisdictional cooperation and sharing intelligence can help intercept the illegal trade networks that contribute to this crisis. Stricter penalties for those caught trafficking fentanyl should also be considered to serve as a deterrent.

Moreover, a focus on treatment and harm reduction is essential. Expanding access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction, as well as increasing the availability of naloxone—a life-saving opioid overdose reversal medication—can save countless lives.

We can invest in comprehensive education and prevention campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. Schools, community centers, and healthcare providers can play a pivotal role in equipping individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to this lethal substance.

Finally, recognizing that the fentanyl crisis is deeply intertwined with broader societal issues, such as poverty, border security, mental health, and access to healthcare, is crucial. By addressing these underlying factors, we can create a more resilient and supportive environment that reduces the vulnerability to substance abuse.

In tackling the fentanyl crisis, a balanced approach that combines prevention, enforcement, border security, treatment, and systemic change will be our most effective path forward. Let us work together to save lives, stop the influx of illicit drugs into our communities, and build healthier communities.


Our nation’s approach to border security and immigration requires a comprehensive reform that reflects our values, respects the rule of law, and upholds the principles that make America exceptional. First and foremost, we need to enhance border security through investments in technology, personnel, and infrastructure. This will help us effectively manage the flow of people and goods while preventing illegal activities at our borders.

At the same time, we must address the challenges within our immigration system. Modernizing the legal immigration process can aid in reducing incentives for undocumented immigration. This includes creating pathways for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and agricultural laborers to contribute to our economy and communities legally.

Efforts to address the root causes of migration from countries of origin are essential. Collaborating with international partners to promote economic development, human rights, and stability can help reduce the push factors that drive individuals to seek better opportunities elsewhere. Additionally, we must collaborate with these international partners to eliminate human trafficking networks that illegally bring people to our country either against their will or under false promises.

In this process, the enforcement of immigration laws should be firm but also humane, prioritizing the safety and well-being of families and vulnerable populations. Detention facilities should meet appropriate standards, and due process should be upheld for all individuals.

Our immigration reform must be guided by compassion, pragmatism, and above all else – national security considerations. I believe that we can craft solutions that secure our borders, modernize the immigration process, and strengthen the fabric of our nation. Let us forge a way forward that reflects our shared values and benefits every American.

Amid the ongoing challenges facing our great nation, environmental concerns remain a critical priority for our future. While it’s important to acknowledge the need for responsible resource extraction, the recent federal decision to block uranium mining in Arizona raises valid questions about our leaders’ priorities. It is our duty to ensure that our resources are utilized in a manner that bolsters our economy, protects our environment, creates jobs, and strengthens our communities. From cleaning up the Flint, Michigan disaster to our local communities here in Arizona, every American deserves clean water.

I, like Teddy Roosevelt, support continued protection support of our national parks and natural resources. By leveraging technology and innovative practices, we can develop a balanced approach that harnesses our natural resources responsibly while safeguarding the beauty of our landscapes. We must critically assess policies that prioritize international interests over our own, redirecting our focus towards empowering our citizens and fostering domestic prosperity.


I know enough people who have faced struggles in their life and have benefited greatly from pursuing alternative medical treatments to know that it is not the business of the federal government to dictate to people what kind of medical treatment is okay to seek. Marijuana should be federally de-scheduled and it, alongside other natural medical substances, should be left to the states under the 10th Amendment.

Let’s keep the federal government completely out of healthcare. They’re not doctors – they’re not somebody who is there. These decisions should be made between the patient and the doctor. As someone like myself who has been in the medical field for over 35 years, it’s important that we sit down and listen to the patient. It’s their choice.


We ought to have fair and speedy trials by a jury of our peers – and many who are charged with crimes in this nation never receive that. Our courts have become overly politicized with activist judges who legislate from the bench rather than follow the written word of law. I believe we must introduce judicial reforms that can further guarantee Americans the right to speedy trials, juries, and impartial judges.


Our veterans have made immense sacrifices to protect our freedoms and uphold the values that define our nation. As a nation, we have a solemn duty to honor and support these brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.

Ensuring that veterans receive the care and resources they deserve is of paramount importance. We must bolster the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide timely and high-quality healthcare, mental health services, and support for veterans transitioning back into civilian life. Strengthening the VA’s capacity to address the unique needs of our veterans is an essential step in our commitment to their well-being.

Furthermore, enhancing educational and job opportunities for veterans is crucial. By providing accessible and relevant education and vocational training, we can help veterans successfully transition into the workforce and contribute their skills and expertise to our communities. I am dedicated to championing legislation that promotes hiring incentives for veterans and connects them with meaningful career pathways.

Homelessness among veterans is an issue that demands our attention. It is unacceptable that those who have served our country find themselves without shelter. We must work tirelessly to ensure that every veteran has access to safe and stable housing, as well as the necessary support services to address any underlying challenges they may face.

Lastly, advocating for veterans’ mental health is essential. The psychological toll of military service can be significant, and we must prioritize resources and programs that offer mental health care and support to veterans and their families.

As a nation, we must unite to ensure that our veterans are never forgotten. Their sacrifices deserve our unwavering commitment to providing them with the respect, care, and opportunities they have earned.

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Jeff Zink for U.S. Congress (AZ CD-3)

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